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4 years have passed by and Alhamdulillah

Posted by ahmadfathi83 on July 3, 2013


Dear Readers,

It has been 4 valuable years of journey since my last post in June 2010. The journey with full of challenges and experiences including changing my status from single to married and Alhamdulillah has become a father to a boy, I named him Ahmad to get the Barakah from the Prophet Muhammad Shollahualaihiwasallam name in the Quran.

Indeed, first and foremost I should be always grateful to Allah subhanahu wata’ala and million thanks to my lovely and caring Mak and Ayah, including kak long, my sisters and brothers. For continuous guidance, support and love.

The journey of my married life begin in June 29th, 2012 at Tawau – Sabah, with a lovely and sweet girl, her father named her Syarifah Aminah Binti Syed Abas. She posses one beautiful heart that hardly you could find in other girls. We both complement and and perfected each other. May Allah subhanahu wata’ala bless our journey.

Alhamdulillah, 20th April 2013 I became a father to a boy, named Ahmad. He is now 75 days, Alhamdulillah he is in good shape and health. He enjoys talking with people, both of his legs kicking, and most importantly he can say “Allah”, as my wife and myself wish our son to say “Allah” for his first word. I teach him Rukun Iman and Rukun Islam including the details of each Rukuns. I explained to him 20 Sifat Wajib Bagi Allah and hoping Ahmad will understand Aqidah at early age.

On my work life, Alhamdulillah, 4 years working with PETRONAS, I have been given many opportunities meeting with new people and travel across the world. Alhamdulillah.


i will continue writing when time permit.

Take care







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Allah SWT Know Best What is in My Heart…

Posted by ahmadfathi83 on June 24, 2010

Dear Readers,

I am happy with what I have now, Allah SWT grant upon me so many Rizqs and for me to be grateful to Him and not to be proud of upon human being, because it is not from me or because of me.

Alhamdulillah, I have someone that I choose to be with, I knew her for the past two years. I decided to marry her after she graduates and I am well prepared spiritually as well as materially. Insha Allah, maximum in two years time.

Without doubt, life is not always sweet as you want to, but it is good for you to taste the bitter of life. At least you will learn how to bounce back if you fall down. If you fall down, don’t & never give up, because you will put yourself in deep trouble. Always remember, the bitter & the sweet of life is the test from Allah SWT, He want you to seek His assistance and never put a hope in any human being (Ar-Raja’ = perasaan mengharap hanya pada Allah SWT).

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A Journey of A Poor Man…

Posted by ahmadfathi83 on September 26, 2009

The poorest man in this world a.k.a af. Poor in the eye of My Lord, ALLAH SWT and My Prophet, Muhammad SAW.

The journey has to continue regardless of big/small hindrance that I may face in future.

Now, the journey in working life has begin. I will never know what fate that Allah SWT determined for me and I can only pray that Allah SWT determined good fate for me, especially meeting Him (Allah SWT) with Iman, same goes to my parent, my family and my sasa and her family.

In two years time, my destination is to have a good family besides focusing on career progression in the company that work for. Proper planning and preparation are essential before I reach next destination. It is because in next destination I will carry a big responsibility for my family and her family. I will have to take care three families; my family(parent and sibling), her family and new family (own).

When a poor man wanted to start his journey, he has nothing with him and definitely he submits his fate to Allah SWT, he can puts efforts to secure his journey. The poor man always gives trust to Allah SWT in all his actions and efforts to reach his ultimate destination, as he always has strong faith that Allah SWT the only One that can secure his journey. Unlike rich man, he always trust his energy, capability and knowledge to secure his journey.

That’s the reason, the poor man has no fear in his life, as full 100% trust to his Master, his Lord, his Creator, ALLAH SWT.


A Blind Man Speaks

Posted by ahmadfathi83 on September 26, 2009

A blind man will never know the path that he will take, but he can use other means to guide him to reach his goal or destination.

It is about the choice, Allah SWT give you a lot of choices for you to determine your success here and hereafter. When we had identified our goal, objective of life, destination that we are heading to, we have many choices in choosing the perfect guidance that can lead us to that direction. In Islam, definitely Al-Quran and As-Sunnah is our guidance.

The example of a blind man signify the shortcoming that human has will never be a hindrance to achieve his goal.

It is good to ponder, especially for those who always give up in life. Think about other means to reach your goal.

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Working Life

Posted by ahmadfathi83 on September 23, 2009


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Happy Eid Mubarak

Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

I am now at office. I will update this blog regularly soon.

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When death is approaching me so fast…

Posted by ahmadfathi83 on July 30, 2009

It is true that you will never know when you will be moving away from this worldly life. But there are signs that might tell you that your death is approaching.

People hate to discuss about death because there are not prepared for, even if they are not prepared for, the death for sure will come out of sudden. That’s the reason our Beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW always remind his Ummah to remember death. To be well prepared to face death with Iman. I am not prepared to face death, mistakes have been done, repeated again and again, but the heart always spoke about death. I am clueless about the feeling when heart spoke about death and it is very difficult to think about death when you are not prepared to face it. Only billions of hope to Almighty Allah SWT, to guide me to the right path and to give His blessing upon me.

Death knows when he will come to see me and to take me away from this fana’ world, but I never know when I will go with death to meet  Allah SWT.

Now, almost 26 years, Allah SWT grant upon me uncounted Rizq, but how much I am grateful to Him, it is questionable.

Oh, Allah SWT, I am your servant, humble, weak and ignorance, grant upon me blessing, rahmah and forgiveness.

“Always remember your death because your death will never forget about you”

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Mystery of Fate

Posted by ahmadfathi83 on July 28, 2009

It is about a month I graduated from International Islamic University of Malaysia, holding Bachelor Degree in Economics. I feel like in a dream, but it isn’t a dream. It is the reality of my life today.

Almost everyday I spend my time at IIUM, twice a week I attending course with Dr. Mustafa Umar, Objective of Shariah. People were asking me regarding my status at IIUM and keep on asking me why I am still attending class. People also doubt about my status of employment whether I am unemployed or employed. Indeed, I have free time and I don’t seem to go to work or being like people who has job. But, I have work to do and at the end of the month I earn my living.

I am already bored with my daily routine activities, I feel bored when I have no challenging works to do, no one to compete with and no stress job. I feel that I am now less productive compare with my study time at IIUM. Besides, tired of waiting for the placement from PETRONAS and yet not sure whether there is placement for me. PETRONAS informed me that I am recommended for employment, but has to wait within 6 months period, if PETRONAS did not call for placement, then I have option to reject offer after waiting period. This is another big problem for me, keep on disturbing my mind, if PETRONAS did not call within 6 months, should I work with other company or should I continue doing part time job (unchallenging work). So many questions appear in my mind, because I already have my SHORT TERM GOAL that I wanted to realize after two years of working. If I get the job after 6 months, definitely I have to reschedule my SHORT TERM GOAL or I have to work EXTRA harder to achieve that.

Now, I am looking for other opportunity for my sides income, job that I like and give good returns (no MLM), I am tired of being marketing staff, it is not because I dislike meeting people, but I have bigger dream to achieve. Thus I need a big and powerful vehicle that can assist me to reach the sky. I have been with pure marketing industry almost two years. I started with selling cheap perfume on the street, doing collection for charity on the street (kind of charity, but bigger portion of donation will go to boss, managers, team leaders and marketing staffs, only few percents go for charity), selling banks credit cards. I met people from lower income to the higher income, I have confident in meeting and convince them about the products. Indeed, there are many skills that I learn from marketing job, especially negotiation skill, convincing skill and to use win-win skill, but the most important is to make people have confident with you.

With that my fate is mystery and  only Allah SWT know best. I have faith that rizq is everywhere, but effort only from you. If there is no effort, you will not able to get the rizq.

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An update about me: Hope and Happy

Posted by ahmadfathi83 on July 26, 2009

Since my last post on early April 2009, I was so lazy to write my thought and update this blog. Why? no idea.

Alhamdulillah, I finished my bachelor degree in Economics, but a bit dissatisfaied with final result below target CGPA that I aimed in the last 3 years. June 20th, 2009 my last final exam conducted at Foyer 1 CAC, UIAM, subject Objective of Shariah@ the Higher intents of Law Giver by Al-Shatibi. It was really tough for me, because I had to study on my own, even the final exam was so difficult. Alhamdulillah, The result was good and 360′ degree from my expactation. I thought I got C@C+, but I got A.

Now, I attached with Prof. Dr. M. Asri, as his research officer to conduct study on “service quality between IBF(Islamic Bank and Finance) in Malaysia and conventional bank in NZ”. For the first week of attachement, I and the group of reserachers from both Malaysia and NZ went to interview most of top managers and CEO’s of IBF in malaysia. It was a great experience for me, to understand IBF from practicioners’ perspective and not from scholars or shariah advisors. Indeed, there so much differences in the objective of the application of IBF. Some banks venture in IBF due to regulatory (BNM) factor, profit maximization factor, survival factor, and religous factor. The key point for IBF to fully success as written by Br. Mustafa Umar in his article of the application of Maqasid/Objective of Shariah.

Petronas. What happen to me now?

Alhamdulillah, I passed the interview. I went for interview at KLCC on June 24th, 2009. July 15th 2009, GTS HR called me and asked me to report duty in order to get the interview result. But, I begged her to tell me, ashe told me that I passed or recommended for the employment with Petronas. However, I have to wait for the placement within 6 months, if Petronas didn’t call, then I may apply for other job. It is very long period and less productivity for me. I am sick of free time. I love so much for hectic working life. I can’t wait too long. I want to work and save some money to get my next short term goal.


Alhamdulillah, one year and two months feel like one month. This is the longest relationship that I ever had and this will be forever Insya Allah. may Allah grant upon me this wish. amin.

Alhamdulillah, Allah allow her to accept me and love me. She is great for me, as humble and weak abdilllah (servant of Allah).

It is normal to have disagreement and differences in the opinions, but it does not mean to be the end of everything. Life is very complicated and don’t make it more complicated. Try to make it simple but you feel great in your heart. Like I mentioned before in the perfectionism vs complimentarism.

I have one important advice to readers:

If you look for perfection in one person, till the end of the day you will never find that person. But if you look for someone to compliment you, you will find him/her soon.

Remember, if you have disagreement/dissatisfied with some word or action/differencences of opinion; try to look on what ground that both of you can share and tolerate all the weaknesses. But, the degree of tollerance should be measured.

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It is good to read…Bailout

Posted by ahmadfathi83 on April 5, 2009


1. When President Obama made a bid for three trillion dollars in order to deal with the financial crisis, I assumed that like the immediate past President and the Head of the Federal Reserve, he was going to use the money to bail out the failed banks and financial institutions.2. This would be an exercise in futility because those banks and institutions failed because they cheated, because they abused the system. The only way they could be restored is by allowing them to cheat and abuse again, creating money out of thin air and lending 20 to 30 times more of this money to the funds held by the borrowing institutions for them to invest. It is this practice which has precipitated the financial crisis.

3. The bailouts have clearly failed. Increasing the amounts of bailout will not result in success. The failure will only get worse. It’s the classical sending good money after bad money.

4. Now Obama and Brown are talking of going against the powerful financial elites. Brown implicated a shadow banking system based in financial havens – a system that has been beyond the control of Governments, and bereft of rules and regulation.

5. For decades the shadow banking system has been raping the world. Previous Governments had been forced to cover up their depredations. The bubble they created should have burst earlier. But the political elites did not have the guts. And so the abuses and cheatings had gone on until they became so big that cover-ups became no longer possible.

6. And when the bubble bursts the miscreants expected as a matter of right for the political backers to help then recover through bailouts with public money.

7. Now it seems there is a leader who dares to take on the powerful financial barons. 8. If I am not wrong I think Obama is about to destroy the cozy relationship between the American political elites and the financial elites.

9. This is because the only way to stop the rot is to destroy completely all the failed banks and financial institutions including the great insurance companies. They must not be revived, much less restored to their former selves.

10. Their victims should be helped out but they too must not be fully recompensed.

11. The world must return to doing real business – that of producing goods and supplying services. This will lead to the economies of the rich in particular to shrink. The GDP and the per capita will be much reduced.

12. There is no way this impoverishment of the rich can be avoided. There is no way the world can avoid a shrinkage of the total world economy, if we are going to stop a repetition of this financial crisis.

13. I hope Mr Obama will break the stranglehold of the financial elites on the political elites of America.


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Posted by ahmadfathi83 on April 3, 2009

As the IIUM says good bye to me, the work life is welcoming me to face the real challenges that people talk about. I ask myself thousand times, am I really dare to face that challenge and to reach the goal/dream that I had in my heart. Now I realize that it is not easy, I feel that I am not good enough to compete with others. Is it because of perfectionism that I have?

No, it isn’t. I had eliminate that so call “perfectionism”. This led me to see things only from one perspective while neglecting the nature of creation which is not and never be perfect. I have change my perception towards everything and I don’t anymore believe in the perfectionism.

I believe in the COMPLEMENTARISM, it is the nature of creation. None is perfect, but all of us are complement to each other. This is the new believe that motivate me to see life from multi-dimension, I didn’t only see negative or positive, but I always see both (+/-) in any creation that Allah had created. When I see someone weakness, I will always look at his/her strengths that I can benefit. Then I made myself to believe that his/her weaknesses for me to deal with and to make him/her to be better than me. Because I believe that I need great and excellent people to strengthen the Nation and society as well as religion.

Sometime I questioned myself, Why people always love to look bad upon others?

Then I realized that people always look life from only one perspective and that will restrict them to gain wisdom from the creation of God (Allah). They will be (jumud) conservative and believe in conservatism. Thus, they will always look negative on other people, especially their enemy or (someone that they dislike).

For an example that I experienced and I want to share with you. One semester, I had one group member, his work is rubbish (copy paste 100% from internet without editing at all). I did not scold him, but I use positive way, I sms him and asked him to meet. I met him and re-explain his task in the project and I ask him to redo his part. But, later when submitted to me, I found that the same rubbish work. Then I decided to do on my own for his part. Later, after a week, I heard that he told my clerk that I want to have problem with him. Dammed I said, why there are such a people exist in this life? I had never ever thought to be  into that feeling or intention. My intention was to guide him to improve his academic writing and critical writing. He thinks differently, 360 degree different from what I want and my intention.

This experienced taught me a lot, as I am now realize that not everyone like to be guide and not everyone wanted to improve himself/herself. Sometime I wanted to be selfish, but I could not. It is because I love to see people improve themselves.

In the end, I decided to be careful when helping others…

Allah Bless me, my parent, my family, my teachers and my friends… Amiin

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Counting D Last Moment at IIUM

Posted by ahmadfathi83 on April 3, 2009

Today, April 3rd, 2009.

Three exams finished, four more to be done Insya Allah.

This is my last normal semester for me in IIUM-Gombak. Since April 2006 until today, 3 years had gone very fast. Within these years, I put efforts to improve my skills and everything that I could. I learn many things that I didn’t  get it if I was not here. Allah had choose me to be here for three years and then Allah had determined my next rizq. I have to believe on Him (Allah) as He knows best for me. I can only plan and put effort on my plan, but He (Allah) will make things happen.

I plan to work after finish study, but by looking at the current economic crisis, I have to make other options such as continue study, work part-time tutor, private tution and work with Petronas or other places. It seems really tough now since everyone talks about difficulties in getting the job. I believe in the fate that Allah had pre-determined for each of His creations. But it does not give me an option to give up. In my life give up is only when I am going to die.

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The Key For Success…

Posted by ahmadfathi83 on March 23, 2009

Final exam is coming soon, my first exam paper will be this coming Friday, 27th March 2009 and the second and the third will be on the 2nd April 2009.

Until now, I am still struggling to edit assignments. Compare with previous semester, I had more time to study before final exam about 1-2 weeks. But my final semester, I have only 1 week to prepare for with many unfinished tasks such as assignments, presentations, classes and my tutoring class for students.

With short period of time to struggle to do the best and to get the best result… Will I am able to do that?

Insya Allah, that’s what we usually said. I will try, that’s what we always said.

For me, Insya Allah. That is correct. but I will try does not show that you believe in your goal…So what should you say? I can do it and make sure it to be achieved. Amin..

However, Allah will give to whom He wanted to give and not give to whom He doesn’t want to give…

Sometimes, you wish to have something and you don’t get it. Then, you might think that is not the best Rizq (rezeki) for you, then you are wrong. Because you have to believe that Allah had determine that is best Rizq for you. As Allah knows best. Later you will find the master key of success that can open all doors.

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A Hope For A Luck

Posted by ahmadfathi83 on March 21, 2009

My friends keep telling me, “it’ isn’t fair for us, we know nthing about finance, cross rate”..that’s the reality of ability test..majority of the candidates can’t answer the questions.. I can answer, but I cannot assure that I will pass the test. Only hope and pray for that..

*Due to economic turmoil, Petronas has reduces number of new staff recruitement. According to the  person in charge for the test, Petronas also has change certain policy, the candidate has to pass for the ability and written test in order to get the structural interview. This policy really makes candidate worry and majority said, they will not pass.

I believe that it is still a hope..

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Career Talk and Tests for (Ability & Written)

Posted by ahmadfathi83 on March 21, 2009


Today I am attending the programme Career Talk and Tests for (Ability & Written) at PERMATA Bangi. I wish I will pass the two test and able to go for the next assesments.

I learn new things from the career talk. For example: Management of Life

It has been so long I didn’t update my blog, it is because my final semester I do many things such as teaching, studying and cocurriculum activities. I am teaching more than 5 subjects; econometrics, intermediate microeconomics II, intermediate macroeconomics II, intermediate microeconomics I, intermediate macroeconomics I, Business Finance, Financial Managemnt II and Fundamental Accounting . Besides, this semster I am taking 7 subjects and hence it really made me busy. However,I love to work under stress because I can maximize my ability to explore my strengths and weaknesses, improve time management and quality.

But I am really tired..tired and tired..but I feel the satisfaction that I dream for…

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Dream Come and Go; Effort Make Dream Come True

Posted by ahmadfathi83 on January 27, 2009

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